Wal-Mart Tries A New Local Global Strategy

As Wal-Mart toys with various approaches to grow and continue to dominate retail, a Wal-Mart experiment in Michigan is fascinating in its difference. It has crafted a store focused on the local Middle Eastern community, complete with Muslim greeting cards, Lebanese pop CDs and kusa and batenjan among the produce offerings.

Technology is not a key factor in this store's approach, according to this detailed Newsweek story, but the store truly catering to the local residents is impressive nonetheless. How's this for not acting like Wal-Mart? "The insular company even agreed to be scrutinized by a community advisory board made up of local Arab-American leaders to ensure it isn't harming the mom-and-pop shops. One example: Wal-Mart agreed to charge one dime more than local grocers for a six-pack of pita bread."