Wal-Mart Thief Had Dumb Luck: Bad Luck, Lots Of Dumb

A Florida shoplifter successfully navigated his way out of a Wal-Mart on Friday (May 21), carrying $145 worth of stolen DVDs, and bolted right to his getaway car with his friend at the wheel. Well, almost. It seems that in the rush, he actually ran—and literally smashed—into a parked unmarked police car.

(Editor's Note: We cover retail technology and E-Commerce issues. But every so often, we see something so strange that we feel compelled to break the rules. This is one of those times.) A Bay County Sheriff's Deputy wrote that Damon Demetrius Love, 35, was "running full strength in my direction" out of Wal-Mart. "I first thought he was running toward me for important assistance," according to The Walton Sun. The paper then quoted the deputy quoting the suspect: "When he saw my headlights at the north end of the parking lot, he thought I was his 'partner' and started running towards me." Moral to the story: If you're ever trying to steal 16 DVDs from Wal-Mart, make darn certain you know exactly where your getaway car is parked.