Wal-Mart Shoplifter Steals Razor Blades, Police Follow Trail Of Blood

Because of its small size and ludicrously high price, the high-end razor blade has been a shoplifter favorite for years. On Friday (Dec. 10), a cutting-edge shoplifter at a Pennsylvania Wal-Mart grabbed dozens of Gillette razor blade packages, police said, and escaped the store by taking the razor cartridges out of the packaging and hiding them in various places on his body. Law enforcement didn't need bloodhounds to track him down; he courteously left a lengthy trail of actual blood. (Darn those sharp blades!)

Michael Barton, a 29-year-old resident of Oil City, PA, was arrested by store security at the store and then imprisoned, given that he had been on probation from an unrelated incident. Apparently, he should have stolen Band-Aids, as well.