Wal-Mart's Campaign To Support Electronic Checks

Proving yet again that a $345 billion retail chain can pretty much create a global trend by simply making a single purchase, Wal-Mart is ignoring the lackluster support other retailers have given point-of-purchase electronic-check codes and throwing its own enthusiastic support behind the effort.

Wal-Mart "expects the last 300 of its approximately 3,400 U.S. Wal-Mart locations to go live with the automated clearing house payment option" by Monday, according to a well-done story in Digital Transactions. Wal-Mart's push started as a pilot program five years ago and has seen some 1,800 stores make the move in the past six months.

The move is about any tactic that will reduce the roughly billion dollars Wal-Mart spends every year in interchange. A wonderfully intriguing story.