Wal-Mart Makes Sure Customers Find Its Web Survey, But Prints Different URLs

There's a reason Shakespeare didn't pen "That which we call a URL, by any other name would smell as sweet." He didn't write that, because the Bard knew darn well the precise phrasing of a URL makes a difference. It's a lesson Wal-Mart apparently still needs to learn. Wal-Mart was running an in-store survey. To make sure consumers found the survey, it did three things: printed the survey URL on the POS receipt; printed it again on a pea-green piece of paper that associates were supposed to staple to the receipt; and, just in case its customers don't know what a URL is, it provided instructions on how to use a browser.

Problem One: the URLs on the two pieces of paper didn't match. (There's a nice photo of the mismatch on the Dotweekly blog.) Problem Two: The stapled piece of paper instructs customers "do not use a search engine," even though Bing, Google and Yahoo's engines all immediately sent visitors to the right place. Lastly, does Wal-Mart really need to use a triple sub-domain (www.entry.survey.walmart.com)?