Wal-Mart, Ad Exec Singing Their Rendition of "I Feel Petty"

In the ongoing legal battle of former Wal-Mart marketing chief Julie Roehm against Wal-Mart, most of the accusations have involved inappropriate acceptance of gifts from suppliers. But the latest accusations--on both sides--seem to be really reaching.

Based on this Reuters story, Roehm countered the charges that she accepted advertising agency gifts by saying: Oh, yeah? Well, CEO H. Lee Scott get discounts on yachts, "a large pink diamond for his wife" and free airplane use."

OK, so that's not too petty, but it doesn't address the charges against her. But then Wal-Mart counter-pounched with my favorite accusation: Wal-Mart accused the marketing chief of having accept a dinner from the ad agency. (pause for effect) One dinner? Maybe they mean a $50,000 wedding reception dinner? Nope. It "consisted of small, White Castle-sized burgers." Maybe the courtroom will break into a rendition of the West Side Story ditty "I Feel Petty."