Victoria's Secret Chokes On Site Content, But Recovers

Victoria's Secret (NYSE:LTD) had performance problems on its mobile commerce website that resulted in pieces of content that were never delivered or were damaged, Internet Retailer reported.

The problems, which showed up during the last week of June, included slow delivery, failed connections and damaged or missing content. The problems were first reported by mobile and web performance management company Keynote.

Both sets of problems could have been caused either by server problems in the retailer's data center or by damaged cable or routing problems related to its network provider. Whatever the source, the problems were cleared and normal performance resumed the following week, Keynote said.

Victoria's Secret didn't offer an explanation for the performance drop and recovery.

Without information from the retailer, it's impossible to know whether the source of delays and missing page elements was inside or outside Victoria's Secret's data center. But for customers, the effect is the same. In this case, they didn't just get a website that loaded slowly, some pages were clearly corrupted.

A slow-loading site is an annoyance that might cost a retailer a few sales from impatient customers. But a site that's obviously damaged is one that far more customers aren't willing to use to buy something, out of concern that payment or delivery data—or even the items being ordered—will end up being delivered to the mobile retailer incorrectly.

That's not fatal for the chain, because most customers don't bother trying to figure out where the problem is or why it's happening—they blame a bad mobile connection.

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