Urban Outfitters Adds Massive Web Fulfillment Center

Urban Outfitters (Nasdaq: URBN) announced plans to build a 1.2-million-square-foot distribution and fulfillment center in Gap, Penn., the apparel retailer's third DC dedicated to fulfilling web orders. Urban Outfitter's e-commerce sites include UrbanOutfitters.com, Anthropologie.com, FreePeople.com, and ShopTerrain.com.

Plus, the retailer is expanding its corporate office in Gap, which is about an hour outside Philadelphia, and is adding 200 jobs there. Urban Outfitters is spending around $210,000 to fund both projects. It will add 2,000 jobs at the Gap DC.

Urban Outfitters' other DCs for web orders include a $55 million, 500,000-square-foot facility in Reno, Nev., and a DC in South Carolina.  The retailer also fulfills online orders directly from stores.

In addition to the fulfillment centers, it seems that Urban Outfitters is aiming to be a "lifestyle provider" with its planned development of retail stores, a boutique hotel, a restaurant and other amenities in one complex. After recently purchasing 6.5 acres of the former Waterloo Gardens site in Devon, Penn, the retailer said it is planning a new development, tentatively called Devon Yard.

Urban Outfitters will open an Anthropologie store in the complex as well as its upscale garden center, Terrain, which will include a farm-to-table café.

"We're expanding our bricks-and-mortar retail experience to a lifestyle experience that will meet the taste level of the Devon community," Dave Ziel, chief development officer for Urban Outfitters, told MainlineMediaNews.

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