The Unhappy New York Cab Driver Meets E-Commerce

The customer is always right. But when they're not right, you really don't want them to be from New Zealand, Romania, the Philippines, Switzerland, the Czech Republic or Russia. Why? They tend to yell the loudest and yell obscenities in the nastiest ways, at least for e-tailers, according to a new study from Reevoo. Revoo analyzed an impressive 1.5 million reviews in 90 countries. Since 2012, 1.61 percent of reviews from New Zealand were rejected for swearing. Next comes Romania, at 1.06 percent, followed by the Philippines (0.48 percent), the Czech Republic (0.45 percent), Switzerland (0.33 percent) and Russia (0.32 percent). In some cases, the base number of reviews was tinier than even the most guttural curse—New Zealand, for example, got the top spot for having just two out of 124 reviews nixed for profanity—though in others, the amount of profane venting at purchases gone bad was more substantial. In Russia's case, 133 online reviews failed to meet the clean-mouth test. Story