U.S. Senator Doesn't Trust Apple's iFingerprinting—And, It Turns Out, With Good Reason

U.S. Senator (and former Saturday Night Live comic) Al Franken wrote a letter last week to Apple CEO Tim Cook, very seriously questioning whether fingerprints stored by the iPhone5s's new fingerprint security system were adequately secured. But before Cook even got a chance to respond, Franken's concerns were overtaken by events: Hackers in Germany figured out how to break the biometric security system with a 2,400-dpi printer, a little latex and a lot of ingenuity. It turns out the extra-special technology that Apple acquired by buying a company called AuthenTec wasn't so special after all: The new fingerprint scanner just makes higher-resolution scans, so the German hackers made their own higher-resolution copies of fingerprints to break through the system. At least now we know Franken wasn't just kidding about fingerprint security. Story