Twitter offering cash-back rewards in tweets

Twitter announces the launch of a new commerce product, Twitter Offers, which will enable companies to offer card-linked promotions in tweets that link directly to consumers' credit and debit.

The card-based approach will enable brands to reward customers without them having to leave Twitter, reported TechCrunch. Therefore, shoppers will not need to carry a coupon to the store, they will only have to pay with that credit card and then the cash-back payment should automatically be added to the statement within a few days.

"With Twitter Offers, advertisers will be able to attribute redemptions directly to their campaigns on Twitter, so that they can effectively measure the ROI from their promotions, even when redemption happens offline," wrote Tarun Jain, Twitter's group product manager, in a blog post. "Additionally, we make it easy for merchants to get up and running because they can use their existing payment network, there's no change to the consumer purchase process, no employee training and no new hardware or software to install."

The card integration was built by CardSpring, a company that was acquired by Twitter back in July.

In September Twitter launched a "buy" button so that consumers could purchase items directly through their feeds.

Twitter assured brands that card information using Offers would be secure because information will be encrypted and can be removed from an account at any time.

Offers will be tested initially on desktop and mobile in the United States. Twitter is working with some initial brands to tests these offers in holiday promotions. The company will roll the product out to more advertisers in the near future.

Twitter users are poised to be an important market segment this holiday season. They are more likely to start holiday shopping earlier than other consumers and are more prone to impulse purchases, according to a new study by DB5, a brand research firm. Of the surveyed Twitter users surveyed, 24 percent plan to spend $1,000 or more this holiday season, compared to 10 percent of non-users.

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