Twitter is king of customer service for retailers

For retailers looking to better connect with customers, Twitter ranks as the best social media platform to do so. A new study found that customer service issues find significantly higher engagement on Twitter than on Facebook, according to research by social media analytics firm Klout.

While Twitter is a key tool for two-way conversation with customers, Facebook is still valuable, just in a different way as shoppers are more likely to use Facebook to share more details about their experience outside of a 140-character tweet.

The data points suggest that social media is becoming increasingly important for retailers, big and small. A surprising 90 percent of shoppers said that the amount of money spent at a retailer is impacted by their social media engagement with the brand, according to data from Infosys. The study also revealed that customers engage more with a brand via social media than on retailers' own websites.

Customers also look to social media first when they are searching for deals and promotions. Seventy-one percent of shoppers admitted that they have actively searched for a coupon online after hearing about it on social media. Furthermore, 40 percent shared or traded coupons on social media in 2013, up from 30 percent in 2012.

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