Trader Joe's, Costco keep customers coming back

Trader Joe's and Costco ranked at the top of the list for loyal customers in a recent study examining the increasingly crowded grocery space.

The data, gathered by C Space, closely examined what makes shoppers more likely to return to a specific store. According to Charles Trevail, CEO of C Space, the study proves that discounts and rewards programs were not as strong at building loyalty as delivering products and experiences that align with consumers' values and priorities, reported Adweek.

When consumers were asked why they loved Trader Joe's, their responses included references to happy employees; games and samples for kids; expertly and colorfully labeled products; and a massive selection. The results are no surprise, as the grocer has ranked as shoppers' favorite grocery store three years in a row due to its diverse selection and exceptionally friendly service.

Costco, which was rated the top big-box store for grocery shopping, was recognized for its sensitivity to shoppers' needs and a large selection with employees to help you find your way.

When asked what consumers want when shopping, 43 percent did not want to feel ripped off; 41 percent wanted consistent customer service; 32 percent want rewards for loyalty; and 24 percent cited products that fit their needs and lifestyle.

Other stores that received positive mentions include Wegmans, 92.7 percent; Publix, 90 percent; Hy-Vee, 87.5 percent; and Sprouts, 85.7 percent.

Some stores receiving negative mentions in the survey include Shaws, 88.5 percent; Price Chopper, 81.8 percent; Walmart, 81.4 percent; and Star Market, 77.8 percent.

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