Toys "R" Us Drives Mobile Toys for Holiday Season

Looking to engage shoppers in holiday buying early, Toys "R" Us is driving the new Monster 500™ line of interactive toys to its shelves on October 14. 

The privately-held retailer, which operates more than 875 Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us stores in the U.S., is launching the exclusive line of 10 monster-themed characters portrayed as racecars, designed to create an interactive racing experience via a mobile app.  The incorporation of the interactive app, which will be available on both iPhone and Android devices, allows users to drive their cars on a series of courses, collect power-ups and blocks, and learn more about the stories of the different characters.

QR codes are included on the packaging and direct consumers to an interactive site which will launch in conjunction with the October 14th rollout.

"We're seeing a growing affinity for toys and toy lines that allow a play experience beyond hands-on fun. All of the characters in the line have distinct personalities that kids are sure to fall in love with, so to be able to bring them to life in a racing game is really cool," Kerry Smith, assistant manager of corporate communications at Toys "R" Us, told Mobile Commerce Daily.

Getting a jump on the holiday season, Monster 500TM toys are already available for presale on the company's web site.

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