Toys R Us Creates Personalized Black Friday Ads With Video Technology

Toys R Us has partnered with video advertising solution provider Eyeview to help drive traffic to stores on Black Friday. The brand's "Black Friday Booster" will deliver personalized deals based on product preferences to individual customers, an effort to attract customers who may not be interested in hunting for limited-time doorbusters in large crowds.

"Consumers are so inundated with Black Friday advertisements and deals, it's impossible for retailers to cut through the noise and reach their customers with deals and products that are specifically relevant to them, especially on a local level," said Oren Harnevo, founder and CEO of Eyeview. "The Black Friday Booster solution allows retailers with multiple stores to advertise deals via personalized video on a hyper-local level, customized based on individual customer preference."

To create the Toys R Us campaigns, Eyeview gathered 3rd party data from various sources, offline purchase data, and its own local geographic data to create specific video ads for viewers. In addition to showcasing the special offer, the ads also conveniently display the nearest Toys R Us location and store hours.

Toys R Us is using the feature for Black Friday, but other retailers such as Target, Comcast, Lowe's, Office Max and Burger King, are also using the technology for their businesses.

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