TJX, PCI Stats and Insider Threats: Our Security Audiocast For The Week

We looked at the top security topics of the week on Friday, in an audiocast with Avivah Litan, Gartner's security analyst, and Chris Hinsz, the newest member of the PCI Security Standards Council, who happens to hail from Motorola. Readers can listen to the entire 30-minute audiocast or check out just the segments that interest them most: An analysis of the latest Visa PCI statistics, with thoughts on improving the credit cards themselves and the key reasons why forbidden data is still being retained; How TJX is faring after the disclosure of the retail industry's largest data breach; The latest information about the insider security threat and how the records stolen from Fidelity National Information Services and Certegy is now at 8.5 million records, which is a lot more than was originally revealed.