TJX Hit With Another Bank Lawsuit

Almost a year after TJX settled with banks and bank associations impacted by the worst data breach in credit card history, another bank has come forward with its own lawsuit against the retailer, claiming the incident compromised some 4,000 of its customer accounts.

TrustCo, which operates more than 100 banks nationwide, filed the lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court against TJX in July, saying that it had never been invited to participate in the initial group of banks suing TJX.

This bank's accusations mirror the other banks' charges, namely that TJX "breached its duties, allowed an unlawful intrusion into its computer system, failed to protect against such intrusion, and allowed personal and financial information of plaintiff TrustCo and its customers to be accessed by third parties."

TJX also responded to TrustCo's lawsuit in the same way the company dealt with the other banks in court, by saying that any losses Trustco incurred because it reissued payment cards after the breach was its own fault, with the retailer painting the bank's actions as "unnecessary and unreasonable." TJX said that TrustCo failed to implement policies or procedures that would have allowed the bank to avoid canceling and replacing customer debit cards, including installing certain fraud-detection software, monitoring international transactions and implementing transaction limits.