Three Seconds Is An Eternity In The Palm Of Your Hand

We've been hearing for years that retail websites are too slow and violate the "Three Second Rule"—that a website should be fully functional three seconds after a user clicks to start loading that web page, or you'll start losing customers. (Actually, the "three seconds" studies date back to mainframe days, but let's not get bogged down in reality.) New statistics from mobile app performance vendor New Relic demonstrate how much quicker apps are than e-commerce sites. Average response time: 3.28 seconds. OK, that's not quicker, but at least New Relic knows why: Network failures average 1.86 percent, server errors average 1.7 percent, and an average user will hit about 20 of those errors per minute—and that's assuming the app is solidly written and the back-end servers aren't having a bad day. So all you need are better apps, faster servers and a miraculously perfect network. What's the problem? Story