Tesco's UHF RFID Troubles

Being one of the world's leading advocates for RFID hasn't shielded Tesco—nor Wal-Mart, for that matter—from feeling RFID's growing pains.

While Tesco has been playing the typical chicken-and-egg game with suppliers on who will initially fund tagging all products, it's had to quietly cut back its RFID efforts as it is trying to work with European UHF regulations, said Raghu Das, CEO of European RFID consulting firm IDTechEx.

Tesco has been enjoying a strong four percent revenue boost from RFID-enabled inventory improvements, but it's been applying the tags by hand, which is not a tactic that can be continued indefinitely. Tesco, which ordered 2,000 RFID readers just two years ago, is in the RFID game for the longterm and is begging suppliers to take a more aggressive position. To read the full story, please click here.