Tesco: Just One Iffy Idea After Another

We were going to say something this week about unconfirmed reports that U.K. grocery giant Tesco is planning to sell its own branded tablet, but we've already talked about that in our sister publication FierceMobileRetail (from a retail IT perspective, it may not be as crazy as it sounds). But then we came across this confirmed story in The Grocer: Tesco is holding a contest to put shoppers' faces on packages of its Fresh & Easy Parmentier Potatoes. Customers can upload family pictures, and the best will be printed on packages of the prepared potatoes. "This is a great opportunity to draw in customers of all ages, but especially the younger generation," a Tesco spokesman said.

Wait, wouldn't that mainly make the potatoes more appealing just to the family with its picture on the package? Here's an idea: Let loyalty customers submit family photos that the chain will convert into stickers that parents can slap on the packages at checkout. Parents get a discount, kids see themselves on the package, the CRM system gets a photo—everybody wins. (Well, unless you actually want the kids to eat potatoes "tumbled in a rosemary coating with garlic butter". That's probably still not going to fly. But it's worth a try.)