Tesco Gets Customers To Do The CRM Work

Tesco's latest CRM gambit is to allow clothing customers to create their own elaborate pages, filled with their preferences. The pages are fully accessible by Tesco, allowing them an extremely detailed view of the apparel preferences of their top clientele.

The program is crafted for more than 600,000 targeted Tesco customers and "everyone on the database will automatically become members of fashionfile and be invited through an E-mai to activate their own online space," according to publication PrecisionMarketing. "That space can then be customized to build a unique magazine-style area, incorporating articles on fashion trends and looks, tips and advice, competitions, offers, previews, and customer feedback opportunities."

An unnamed Tesco official is quoted as saying, "This is, quite simply, the biggest and most significant venture that we – and we believe any fashion retailer – has ever made into online relationship marketing." That statement, although melodramatic, seems to be fundamentally true.