Target Tries To Replace Runway Models With Holograms

In one of the stranger examples of retail technology, Target is deploying holograms to create a fashion show with no human models present. The live show will consist of images of clothing—with no models—dancing around on stage.

The streaming video of a rehearsal show that Target is sending around is more bizarre than anything else. If the intent is to focus on the clothes, this Target-supplied video seems to miss the point, as even the highbandth-version linked to here shows very little of the clothing's detail. There's also a very good reason why top fashion models make so much money. It's the models that make the clothes look good.

This might—just might—make sense if they were displaying holographic models. But the video depicts headless (and handless) ghosts wearing the clothes. Not so sure why, but here it is.

""Everyone will have a front row seat at the Target Model-less Fashion Show, where the stars of the show are the clothes and the accessories," said Target VP Trish Adams in a statement. "This is the first time a fashion show will be completely produced with hologram technology, without models, without a runway and easily accessible to all fashion fans."