Target Testing Apple-Like Electronics Merchandising

Target (NYSE: TGT) is testing electronic departments with bright white tables and displays that give its shoppers hands-on experiences with the devices, similar to Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Best Buy's (NYSE: BBY) merchandising.

Target is testing the concept – which features waist-height, bright white tables and displays – at stores in Brooklyn Park, Mankato, Ridgedale and the Quarry location in Minneapolis, as well as outside Minnesota.

"It's more a minimalist approach with space for consumers to touch and test the merchandise," Chris Christopher, director of consumer electronics at IHS Global Insight, told The Wall Street Journal. With the test, Target aims to give customers a more convenient way to interact with products and services, spokeswoman Erica Julkowski said in a Target statement, according to The Wall Street Journal. "Guests are looking for more interactive ways to make purchasing decisions about the latest technology," she wrote.

Target is likely making the shift to more interactive electronics merchandising displays to boost sales of smartphones. Retailers of electronics in general are seeing a shift in product mix as space that used to be devoted to cameras is now being allocated to cell phones.

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