Target takes Shazam visual search to Vogue campaign

Target's new ad campaign in Vogue magazine utilizes mobile visual search technology in partnership with Shazam.

The campaign will run in Vogue's massive September issue, its largest each year, and depict classic images from early issues of the magazine dating to the early 1900s. Each ad replaces an item from the original image with a product from Target.

The Target ads also feature a Shazam logo, in step with the new partnership the two announced in June. The companies plan to roll out a new visual recognition platform that lets shoppers photograph images on packaged goods and print media, then transform the image into "dynamic pieces of content."

Readers can then scan any image tagged with the logo via smartphone camera to unlock additional digital content and buy the item with a minimal number of clicks.

"The ability to be one click away from a product that we sell is essential," said Todd Waterbury, chief creative officer, Target. "We're always looking for ways to complete that experience in the easiest way possible."

Reducing the number of clicks to one or two is a priority for retailers in driving m-commerce.

There are roughly 100 Target products featured in the ads, according to The New York Times. Thirty items are available to buy directly using the app.

This is a huge investment and experiment by Target and Shazam. While the retailer hasn't divulged the costs, its ad spending has long outpaced many competitors. Last year, Target spend $663 million on advertising.

The September issue of Vogue will be on sale exclusively at Target stores on Aug. 14, several days before it becomes more widely available.

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