Target's Little House In Grand Central

Remember when Target (NYSE:TGT) launched its new Missoni-designed line in 2011 and customers brought down the retailer's website and all but ransacked its stores? This time the chain isn't taking any chances. To launch its Threshold collection, Target has erected the Dollhouse, a 1,500-square-foot, full-scale replica of a house in New York's Grand Central Station, fully loaded with 3,500 items of Threshold household merchandise in its bedrooms, patios and kitchen. Yes, it's a pop-up store, sort of—about a dozen items can be purchased by scanning a QR code with a smartphone. Mainly, though, it's an astonishing exercise in...well, we're not sure what. The Dollhouse was actually built in Queens, took three days to assemble in Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall, was unveiled on Monday (May 6)—and will be closed down on Tuesday (May 7). Story