Target, Macy's, Best Buy Lead in Holiday Customer Service

Despite crowded stores and the influx of activity that comes along with holiday shopping, a new study finds that Target, Macy's, Best Buy and Nordstrom are tops when it comes to customer service during the busy year-end season. The study was conducted by ClickFox, an experience analytics firm.

When it comes to customer service during the holidays, the survey found that most negative experiences happen either on the sales floor or during the return or exchange process. Both instances could be due to the large number of temporary employees who are hired during the holidays and may lack specific knowledge about merchandise or store processes.

Customer service hotlines were rated as the worst offender overall, with 31 percent of respondents identifying them as the worst service touch points during the holidays.

The survey also found that, not surprisingly, more customers are turning to online shopping to avoid negative customer service experiences in stores. The majority of respondents (55 percent) said they planned to do the bulk of their shopping online. A seperate Forrester Research study also indicated that online sales during the holiday shopping season will increase to $78.7 billion this year, up 15% from $68.4 billion last year.  

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