Target execs' thoughts on TED 2016

Target (NYSE:TGT) executives have been engaging with startups and innovators, seeking inspiration and sharing their thoughts about how innovation applies to their business.

Several Target senior team members attended the TED Conference in Vancouver, Canada last week—Target was a corporate partner—and shared their takeways and some video clips from the conference.

TED is a series of thought-provoking short presentations meant to prompt creative thought and innovation. Target's involvement is presumably meant to do the same throughout its organization.

"TED is brain candy," said Jamil Ghani, Target's SVP enterprise strategy and innovation. "It's a sugary hit of inspiration that jolts your intellectual, emotional and spiritual metabolism."

Ghani was especially moved by psychologist Adam Grant and Wait But Why's Tim Urban, who talked about how procrastination can be a necessary enabler of creativity. "Pausing can create the mental breathing room to make new connections and drive breakthroughs," said Ghani, who was also impressed with the Google Art Project, which lets viewers virtually visit museums and search a database containing millions of creations.

Target CEO Brian Cornell was inspired by Ishita Katyal, a 10-year-old girl from India who challenged attendees to empower dreamers, particularly children.

"The beauty and magic of TED, like many creative endeavors, happens when you step away from the realities of the day-to-day and remain open to new possibilities," said Jeff Jones, Target's chief marketing officer. "From understanding how human trust impacts Airbnb, to how experience is driving the way Google is bringing art to the world, to the progress we are making on climate change, to entirely new perspectives on data visualization; TED 2016 has once again been full of gems for the body, mind and soul."

Target executives have regularly been sharing thoughts on new business initiatives, technology and innovation as the retailer works to adopt new programs.

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