Swrve's beacon integration opens up new possibilities for retailers

Retailers dedicated to building out their mobile presence are probably already familiar with Swrve, but the mobile marketing automation company's integration of iBeacons means it could soon be impacting the in-store experience as well.

So far, beacons have been a popular topic of conversation among progressive retailers due to their ability to ping shoppers with special notifications or offers based on where they are inside a store. But those offers have been largely blind. A retailer can know the shopper is in a certain department and therefore probably interested in a promotion, but not know what their individual preferences might be.

Swrve can help further target content from beacons. The company specializes in collecting mobile activity data and using that to build targeted campaigns within apps. Now it can use that same data to help further hone geo-targeted promotions in retailers' apps.

"It is becoming increasingly apparent that the mobile app is a complement to bricks-and-mortar retail. In fact, it could turn out to be traditional retailer's best friend," said Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve, said in a statement. "Our iBeacon support means that for the first time it is possible to customize in-store offers and experience based on our understanding of the consumer derived from other channels such as mobile and Web as well as real-time proximity data. That means fantastic, memorable customer experiences–and greater revenues as a result."

Specifically, the iBeacon capability makes it possible for retailers to send push notifications with relevant offers to customers as the enter a store, offers can be pushed to shoppers near certain products based on their interest, and app navigation and featured items can be updated in real-time based on a customer's proximity to items, making it faster to find the information they need in the app.

Add those to the growing list of targeted benefits beacons make possible for retailers. The technology has been growing in popularity with malls and high-end retailers alike deploying them. That expansion is no surprise considering the mounting evidence that beacons improve both purchase intent and mobile ad engagement dramatically.

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