Survey: American Consumers Dissatisfaction With Customer Service Soaring

About 40 percent of American consumers wanted to leave stores after not getting store associate this holiday season, according to survey results released this week from Motorola.

And among those who actually left the stores, 90 percent of them never returned, according to Scott Drobner, Motorola's director for market intelligence programs.

The level of consumer dissatisfaction was "a little higher" for consumer electronics, partly due to the number of consumers buying sophisticated electronic devices—often as gifts—that they would have otherwise never purchased, Drobner said, analyzing the results of 1,372 consumers who filled out Web forms between Dec. 13, 2007 and Dec. 20, 2007.

Part of the reason for the consumer unhappiness is that online speed and information depth have raised the expectations of what a retail interaction should be like, Drobner said. "The online mindset is somewhat permeating the offline world," he said.

Other issues: stores ineffectively deploying their associates, creating a shortage of associates in the aisles, along with those employees having insufficient information to do their jobs.