Supermarkets No Longer Kings Of Grocery (If You Don't Count Whole Foods And Trader Joe's)

Traditional supermarkets and grocery stores are still the majority force in food shopping, but they're no longer calling the shots, according to a new report by market research company Packaged Facts. David Sprinkle, the company's research director, points to Walmart (NYSE:WMT), club stores and dollar stores, but also Whole Foods (NASDAQ:WFM) and Trader Joe's (he doesn't lump them in with supermarkets) and farmers markets and food trucks—and that still doesn't include drugstores, limited assortment chains and the biggest potential challenge, online grocery shopping. Other notable details from the report: Two-thirds of shoppers say they buy lots of groceries on sale or promotion, 47 percent use coupons, 31 percent use loyalty cards, and 18 percent say they actively dislike grocery shopping—which suggests there's still some room to improve the customer experience. Story