Is This The Summer Of Train-Wreck Fad-Food Names?

First came the Cronut, the cross between a donut and a croissant that had New Yorkers lined up for hours (including scalpers buying them to resell) after it was introduced in May. (It has since been cloned by Dunkin' Donuts.) Then came the Ramen Burger—a hamburger that uses fried ramen instead of a bun—that had New Yorkers standing in the rain in a 500-person queue for a taste a week ago. But just to demonstrate it's not just New Yorkers who have gone crossover crazy this summer, meet the Sushirrito: a burrito-sized wrap stuffed with sushi that seems to have appeared two years ago in both San Francisco and L.A. Of course, as big-city coastal foodies pronounce that these local crazes are taking the country by storm, it turns out that even with heavy media hype, most Americans have never heard of them. Personally, we're still waiting for the Sharknoodo. Story