Study: Most Customers Think Holiday Discounts are Phony

The majority of American shoppers think that holiday discounts advertised by retailers are illegitimate, according to a new survey conducted by British marketing consultant David Rawlings.

Over 70 percent of respondents replied "no" when asked "Do you believe before-Christmas discounts are genuine?" This is particularly true among retailers in the Northeast with a more mature, higher earning demographic. Among those polled aged 55-64, 90 percent believe that pre-Christmas sales are simply a marketing ploy to cash in on holiday sales.

"In the light of this data, retailers should be very cautious of jumping on the 'before Christmas sale' band wagon and prioritize their credibility over short-term sales strategies," said Rawlings in the study results report.

Despite consumers' doubts, this year's holiday season seems to be off to a good start. Early holiday shoppers responded well to promotions and early holiday deals according to new data that shows traffic and window conversion improved significantly during the month of November.

A separate study by Euclid, a retail analytics firm, evaluated 25 million domestic shopping sessions during November and found that traffic during the month increased 32.2 percent compared to the previous month and 20 percent compared to the same month last year. Shopper activity was monitored by Euclid sensors stationed throughout retail locations.

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