Stories From Around The Web

Stories From Around The Web

>Kroger CFO Defends Killing Double Coupons. Story

>Google Announces New Checkout Button, One-Click Purchases On The Go. Story

>Marks & Spenser's Make-Or-Break Clothing Strategy Gets Early Thumbs-Up. Story

>Man Hands Out Abercrombie Clothes On Skid Row In Bid To Shame Brand. Story

>HSN Appoints Judy Schmeling As COO and CFO. Story

>E-Commerce Jumps 15.3 Percent In First Quarter. Story

>Wal-Mart Beefs Up E-Commerce With Two Acquisitions And Plans To Hire 150. Story

And finally … Walmart Clearance Means Trying To Finally Sell Chips With A Year-Old Best-By Date. Story

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