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> UPS pays $40M to end online pharmacies probe. Story

> It Finally Dawned On Them This May Be A Bad Move. ToysRUs Pulls IPO Filed In 2010. Story

> Sears ex-CEO saw compensation fall nearly 90 percent last year. Story

> Walmart Closing Some Of Its China Stores. Story

> At Williams-Sonoma, Web growth is far out-distancing stores. Story

> Office Depot tops for iPhone response time. Story

> Prescription drugs cost least at Costco and most at CVS, says study. Story

> Macy's CFO Rethinking Online/Offline Distinctions. Story

And Finally …. No bagels for you. Stop & Shop self-checkout error responds to bagel—and only bagel—orders with a vocal warning: "You are not allowed to purchase this item." And, no, it's not the Atkins police. Story

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