StorefrontBacktalk Week In Review Audiocast Recorded Thurs., Aug. 17, 2006

This week's audiocast looked at a key payment system issue: the feds cracking down on giftcards. We also explored some of the hotter topics this week in RFID, including the enviable positioning of Impinj. In Online, we explored the implications of Amazon's patent to suggest gifts based on—among other things—religion and sexual orientation.

This week's panel featured return visits from IDC's Pete Abell, former federal prosecutor Mark Rasch and the Retail Systems Alert Group's Paula Rosenblum. The newcomer to StorefrontBacktalk's Week In Review this week was Bruce Cundiff, a former payments analyst for Jupiter Research and today a senior analyst with Javelin Strategy. StorefrontBacktalk Editor Evan Schuman moderated.