StorefrontBacktalk's First Week-In-Review Audiocast

At the end of every week, will assemble some of the industry's top consultants, analysts and IT executives to discuss that week's retail tech developments. We inaugurated our StorefrontBacktalk Week In Review on July 21.

The July 21 panel included Pete Abell from IDC, Paula Rosenblum from the Retail Systems Alert Group, Greg Buzek of IHL and Mark Rasch, a former federal prosecutor who today serves as VP for Solutionary.

The panel--moderated by StorefrontBacktalk Editor Evan Schuman--ripped into a wide range of topics. Listen to Rasch, Rosenblum, Buzek and Abell discuss the new PCI changes announced by Visa or Rosenblum, Rasch and Buzek debate how multi-channel will likely do this holiday shopping season. Abell tackled HP's RFID-rival Memory Spot alone while Rasch, Buzek and Rosenblum ganged up on self-checkout trends, including a fascinating discussion about self-checkout obliterating impulse purchases. Rosenblum and Buzek also argued about workforce management technology, concluding that the larger companies are--much more than they initially thought--avoiding workforce technology.

Please listen and shout your feedback to us.