<i>StorefrontBacktalk</i> Launches Premium Edition

Starting April 18, StorefrontBacktalk will launch a whole new range of Premium features, including special monthly reports, exclusive private discussion groups (CIO-only, franchisee-only, CFO-only, etc.) and Premium-only access to StorefrontBacktalk's top stories. Best of all, readers who subscribe to the Premium edition before it launches on April 18 will get a 50 percent discount on the subscription price—locked in for the first year.

The majority—if not the vast majority— of recent StorefrontBacktalk stories will still be available to read for free. So will our highly moderated discussion forums, which won't waste your time with spam and vendor pitches. But readers who aren't Premium subscribers will only be able to see the very beginning of Premium stories and columns—and they won't have any access at all to the Premium forums, private discussion groups, monthly reports or the archives of StorefrontBacktalk stories that are more than 30 days old.

All of these benefits are included in the StorefrontBacktalk Premium subscription, along with full access to the reporting, columns and analysis you've come to expect from StorefrontBacktalk every week on our Web site, newsletter, Twitter, Kindle and mobile feeds.

Why upgrade to the Premium content package? The key reason for most readers is to not miss out on the full versions of our top stories, analysis, opinion columns and other elements of StorefrontBacktalk.

But with our move to Premium, we'll also be delivering new information packages that are unavailable to free subscribers. Among the extras:

Five New Monthly Publications

Available only to Premium subscribers, our five new, single-topic publications are the E-Commerce Monthly Report, the Mobile Monthly Report, the PCI/Security Monthly Report, the CRM Monthly Report and the In-Store Monthly Report. Beyond the regular stories on those topics, these monthly reports will include analysis and commentary that is not published on the public site (or anywhere else), plus summaries of the most interesting products introduced each month in that topic area (for example, E-Commerce products or Security services).

We will also look at the most compelling discussion threads on each of those topics. If you're interested in one—or all five—of these areas, our new monthly publications are yours for free, as part of your Premium subscription.

Premium-Only Discussion Forums

StorefrontBacktalk is folding our discussion forums on LinkedIn and Facebook and bringing them into our new Discussion area. This approach means we'll be able to control the environment. The result is as spam- and hype-free a space as the one we provide with our story comments.

Within these forums will be Premium-only areas that will include our CIO and other title-specific conversations, a jobs board, guest speakers and other events.

Full Access To The Thousands Of Stories In Our Archives

Although all site visitors will have access to the most recent 30 days of stories, anything prior to that will be the exclusive province of our Premium subscribers. Because many stories include links to our extensive archives, full access is the easiest way to make sure you get the full context from every StorefrontBacktalk story.

New monthly reports. Special Premium-only forums. Full archive access. Plus the complete versions of our stories, analysis and columns. And readers who subscribe to StorefrontBacktalk's Premium edition before it launches will get 50 percent off regular Premium pricing for a full year.

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