In-store pickup does not necessarily save shoppers time

More and more retailers are now offering shoppers the option to buy an item online and pick it up in-store. However, according to a recent study by StellaService, the option may help retailers leverage local inventory and boost consumer confidence, but it does not shave off much time for getting a purchased product into a shopper's hands.

According to the study, on average, shoppers spent 5.4 minutes between entering a store and checking out. The fastest purchase process was at Office Depot, 2.0 minutes, and the longest was at Home Depot and Macy's, 8.5 minutes. A typical in-store purchase took 7.0 minutes, with shoppers getting out faster at Target, 3.5 minutes, and spending the longest in Sears, 16.5 minutes.

The study tracked 11 retailers in the South during a one week period and compared an in-store purchase with a BOPIS (buy online, pickup in-store) purchase.

BOPIS had three major factors that determined the quickness and ease of an overall consumer experience. The first factor was how quickly the online system could notify a consumer that the item was available for pickup. The second factor was how easy it was to find the designated pick-up area in the local store. And finally, how easy it was for the clerk to locate and present the item to the shopper at the checkout desk.

Only Home Depot, Macy's and Nordstrom had faster average in-store shops versus BOPIS.

On average, items bought online were available for pickup in just over an hour. The longest wait times for availability came from Macy's, 2 hours and 26 minutes, and Sears, 2 hours and 20 minutes. The shortest wait times for a confirmation email came from Best Buy and Lowe's, 10 minutes.

On average, Home Depot took 25 minutes to respond to customers by email, Staples took 28 minutes, Toys R U took about 39 minutes, and Office Depot took 52 minutes.

For BOPIS shoppers, 58 percent of their time was spent at the checkout desk (3.1 minutes), while in-store shoppers spent only 15 percent of their time at checkout (1.1 minutes).

According to the 2014 study "BOPIS and BISBO Will Propel Retail Into Orbit," consumers are driven by convenience, price and incentives. Incentives are a key driver, as 63 percent of shoppers buy online and pick up in-store at least a few times a year. And as many as 82 percent of consumers would consider shopping this way if they received a $10 rebate on a $50 item.

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