Starbucks Tries 'Suspended Coffee' The Starbucks Way

Maybe you've heard of "suspended coffee"—a charity fad in which coffee-shop customers pay for an extra coffee (or sandwich or meal) that's "suspended" until a poor person comes in asking for it. Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) in the U.K. isn't much interested in attracting more panhandlers to its stores, so it has given the idea a twist: When a customer buys a suspended coffee, the money goes to a charity partner called Oasis (which gets the coffee, too). Both the cash and coffee go to the charity's programs. Starbucks hasn't said how much activity the program has seen since it started in late April, but it's nice to see the chain isn't using "we don't want beggars here" as an excuse for not making it easy for customers to be kind. Story


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