Starbucks partners with Lyft to offer loyalty rewards

Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) announced a partnership with ride-hailing company Lyft that will offer drivers and passengers loyalty rewards at the coffee shop chain. The My Starbucks Rewards that are earned can be redeemed for food and drinks at Starbucks, and Lyft drivers will be eligible for gold status membership into the program.

Lyft, a startup founded three years ago, hopes to differentiate itself from rival Uber by helping to build loyalty amongst its drivers. Previously, both Lyft and Uber have tried to keep drivers from working for the opposing company through cash rewards, Fortune reported. Now, users of the service will be able to tip drivers with Starbucks "stars" or points through the Lyft app.

In addition, Starbucks announced that it is exploring ways to provide transportation for Starbucks employees to and from work. Additional details were not provided although Lyft already has a work transportation program that allows employers to provide credits to employees for work rides.

Uber has its own partnerships including with Target and Spotify, which lets passengers choose the music during the ride.

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