Starbucks' Gun Policy Supported By Majority of Customers

Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) CEO Howard Schultz said earlier this month that he expected the coffee chain's customers to understand his request that they leave their guns behind when visiting their stores. After a new poll, it seems that he was right.

Schultz sent an open letter to Starbucks customers on Sept. 17, asking that they respect the atmosphere and other customers by not coming in armed, excepting law enforcement.

"Our stores exist to give every customer a safe and comfortable respite from the concerns of daily life," he wrote in the letter.

The poll, conducted by the Huffington Post and YouGov found that 57 percent of Americans were fine with the new policy, whereas only 32 percent disapproved outright.

Obviously, those who own a gun were less pleased, with 53 percent disagreeing with the policy and 40 percent agreeing. However, the letter did not constitute a ban on guns, and Schultz stressed that customers who did choose to bring one would still be served.

Starbucks' previous policy was to mimic whatever the standing laws were in the store's state: If it was legal to carry a gun around in public it was fine, if not, don't do it.

The poll also found Americans divided on whether open carry should be legal at all, with 42 percent opposing it and 38 percent in favor.

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