Starbucks Goes To Mexico To Test Mobile Coupons

Starbucks is boasting of a 60 percent redemption rate on a mobile coupon trial being done in Mexico, where customers send SMS messages to access 2D barcode mobile coupons. That is an unusually—suspiciously?—high redemption rate, especially for a mobile program.

"Every time you present your coupon, the offer would be modified, such as get a venti for the price of a tall, to make people come more often to the store," said this story from Mobile Marketer. "The call-to-action urged consumers to text keyword STARBUCKS to short code 80080 to get a WAP link to download a buy-one-get-one-free 2D barcode mobile coupon. Starbucks is equipped with 2D bar code recognition software, so employees can read the mobile coupon directly from consumers' mobile phones at the point of sale."

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