Staples ramps up home and office automation platform

Staples (NASDAQ:SPLS) is expanding its reach to consumers at home and in the office by adding Staples Connect in-store displays to 500 retail locations and integrating wearable technology to its platform.

Staples Connect, currently available for purchase online or through in-store kiosks, includes devices from manufacturers such as Lutron, Philips, Honeywell, etc.--about 150 smart devices in total. 

"Staples Connect offers the best-in-class home and office automation solution, with the widest array of product and services from the most trusted brands," said Mike Edwards, executive VP, merchandising. "Our in-store expansion shows that Staples is committed to providing our customers the newest tech offerings and innovations, like Staples Connect, so they can make more happen in their business and at home."

Staples also announced the debut of enhanced wearable technology that includes smart watches and lifestyle trackers to control other integrated devices such as thermostats, shades, cameras and doorbells.

In addition, the retailer launched new options for its Staples Connect Hub, with a reduced price of $49.99 for the critically acclaimed Linksys hub, and a new hub, manufactured by D-Link, available in the fall.

Staples suite of products and services is in line with other retailers' moves to connected home and personal automation products. For example, Sears recently launched Connected Solutions in Chicago-area stores. Similarly, at the worldwide developer conference, Apple announced HomeKit, its official entry into the home automation and Internet of Things market.

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