Staples opens e-commerce test lab

Staples (NASDAQ: SPLS) is opening a test lab, dubbed the Development Center, in Seattle to test e-commerce, search and personalized shopping initiatives.

"At the Development Center, we're building core components to power innovative e-commerce. Our marketers and merchants will test and launch rapid innovative online selling models, targeting the right customer with the right products at the right time," said Faisal Masud, executive VP of global e-commerce for Staples, in a statement. "Seattle has a wealth of talented engineers and leaders who are perfect matches for the opportunities at Staples, primarily around using big data to develop a personalized shopping experience and developing innovative global services."

Staples also operates its Staples Innovation Lab in San Mateo, California, which focuses on personalizing the shopping experience and allows the company to tap into the wealth of engineering and e-commerce expertise in the Silicon Valley area.

Staples is looking to hire software development, product management, usability, analytics and online merchandising positions as it continues to invest in omnichannel retail. "We have several exciting challenges ahead of us in the areas of search, big data development and personalization, along with our global platform components, and the Seattle office positions us well to find the right talent to meet those challenges," said Prakash Muppirala, VP of e-commerce engineering for Staples.

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