SPOTLIGHT: Ready To QR Code Lambchops?

Starting April 10, Birmingham, Ala.-based Belle Foods will be among the nation's first grocery retailers to use QR codes on signage in its meat departments. The codes will link to cooking methods for various cuts of meat, descriptions of different cuts of meat, what types of meat are the best for various cooking methods, safe preparation guidelines and recipes. The choice for using QR in the butcher area is an interesting one. Over the years, the meat department (along with deli) is one of the few grocery areas in the U.S. that still heavily relies on personal interaction. Butchers are still willing to custom cut meats, having not yet gone the way of the gas station attendant who automatically washed windows and checked your oil. Given the low cost of QR codes, the potential exists for much more customized and specific information, such as details about the animal's feed, the expiration date and, in the case of multi-ingredient offerings (such as a marinated product), a heads-up for potential allergens. Story