SPOTLIGHT: Analytics plus e-mail brings first-time customers back

Apparel E-tailer Revolve Clothing is using e-mail campaigns to convert 33 percent of its first-time shoppers to become repeat customers. The trick: Those aren't random promotional e-mails. Revolve has handed off a decade's worth of customer purchase histories to an outside analytics vendor, Custora, which regularly crunches the data to determine metrics on each customer, including "customer lifetime value." More important, the analytics engine flags changes in a customer's behavior, compares the changes to models based on how other customers have behaved, and predicts what's most likely to happen with that customer. Only then are those individual e-mails sent. (Example: First-time Revolve customers will usually become repeaters if they buy again within 90 days, so a targeted e-mail goes out just before the 90-day mark.) The next step: Revolve plans to start personalizing each e-mail based on the customer's buying history and behavior. Story