SPOTLIGHT: Amazon AutoRip To Now Embrace Vinyl Records

Amazon announced Wednesday (April 3) that it will expand its recently launched service called Amazon AutoRip to support vinyl records in addition to CDs. (Because people buying vinyl clearly want the sanitized digital copy of their tunes?) AutoRip offers Amazon customers free MP3 versions of any CDs they had purchased from the site since the launch of its Music Store back in 1998. Going forward, any physical disc purchased on Amazon now comes with a free digital copy which is placed in your also free Amazon Cloud Player – the digital copies of your purchased tracks don't count against your free storage totals here. More importantly, this is backdated. Like AutoRip for CDs, the new vinyl support includes any other purchases that customers made since the launch of Amazon's music store in 1998. Those will now also be immediately added to your Cloud library for free. Digital copies are available in 256Kbps MP3 audio quality. Story