Sony Pictures CIO: Oracle's Become "Somewhat Stagnant"

In a speech to an Australian media conference, Sony Pictures CIO David Cortese said he was unhappy with where Oracle has gone since its buying spree. "The good thing is I only have to write one check instead of four. The bad news is it's Oracle," Cortese said, according to a story in ZDNet Australia.

Sony has been using apps from PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Demantra and Hyperion, all of which are now under the Oracle umbrella.

"I'm very concerned about consolidation of some of these applications from Oracle. And my observation has been that the creativity and the growth around the product set tends to get a bit more stagnant and working with them gets more bureaucratic and [there's] more red tape," Cortese said, according to the ZDNet story. "In fact I can fairly, confidently, frankly, say that the customer service component to working with those software vendors since the Oracle acquisition, each one of them on their own, has not helped. They've gotten worse. The service has gotten worse. The products have become somewhat stagnant and it's a real concern for me."

Cortese's office confirmed that he gave the speech in Sydney, but wasn't able to verify what he said.