Social Networking Blows Away Small E-Commerce Site

There have been quite a few arguments about the many difficult-to-track ways that social networking sites can impact E-Commerce. But a small musical DVD sales site has discovered the devestating potential a video site coupled with social networking can have.

The two-employee was deluged with requests for an old DVD when a YouTube copy of the video--which had been lying dormant on YouTube for almost a year--suddenly started getting 400,000 daily views. Seems that was the only merchant to have the video for sale, according to this Internet Retailer story.

The idea of a major site referencing a tiny E-Commerce outfit and sending orders skyhigh on an item is not in-and-of-itself new. The twist here is the mystery of what caused the video to suddenly go from dormant to dynamite. Given that the video had long been on YouTube, the spark was likely a social media discussion that happened to reference the YouTube URL.

"It had been up there for close to a year, so there's no telling who started e-mailing the link to friends and how it suddenly became so popular," A-cappella President Doug Gray told the publication. "We've all tried to figure it out, but I don't think we'll ever know what started it."