Singapore Firm Claims Low-Cost RFID Approach

Singapore's Institute for Microelectronics on Monday announced a new silicon chip that it boasted will slash RFID prices. For example, IME officials claimed that an RFID reader built with the new chip will cost less than $100, weigh less than 100 grams and consume less than a watt of power, according to a story in ZDNet.

That compares quite favorably with a typical RFID reader that "costs a few thousand dollars, measures about 6 by 6 inches, weighs approximately 1 to 2 kilograms and consumers about 10 watts of power, the story said.

IME execs told reporters that the biggest hurdle for RFID deployments today is integration, so IME's approach was a "highly-integrated" 0.18um RF CMOS (radio frequency complementary metal oxide semiconductor) reader IC (integrated circuit), which is usable for multiple RFID tag scanners and compatible with the requirements of different countries, the story said.